Vacuum-Assisted Biopsy (VAB)

What is vaccum-assisted biopsy for breast?

A vaccum-assisted biopsy (VAB) for the breast is a minimally invasive procedure used to obtain tissue samples from suspicious breast lesions. It is usually performed under imaging guidance, such as mammography or ultrasound, to precisely target the area of concern.

Why is a vacuum-assisted biopsy recommended?

A vacuum-assisted biopsy is recommended when a suspicious breast lesion is detected through imaging (mammogram or ultrasound). It allows for a more accurate and comprehensive sampling of the tissue compared to traditional biopsy methods.

How is the procedure performed?

For Mammography-guided VAB - the patient is positioned, and the breast is usually compressed (similar to a mammogram). Local anaesthesia is administered to numb the area. Then, the biopsy device with a vacuum system is inserted to collect multiple tissue samples from the suspicious lesion.

Is it painful?

Local anaesthesia is used to numb the area, and there could be minimal discomfort, usually limited to the initial injection.

How long does the procedure take?

The procedure duration can vary, but it is generally completed within 30 to 60 minutes.

How soon can I resume normal activities after the biopsy?

Patients can typically resume normal activities shortly after the procedure and can resume work the next day. Some may experience mild discomfort or bruising, but recovery is generally quick.

When will I get the biopsy results?

The collected tissue samples are sent to a pathology laboratory for analysis. Results are usually available within a few days.

Does a vacuum-assisted biopsy leave a scar?

There is no incision and no stitches, just a pinhole biopsy needle puncture mark.

What are the risks or complications associated with vacuum-assisted biopsy?

Vacuum-assisted biopsy is considered a safe procedure with minimal risks. Potential complications include bleeding, infection, or bruising at the biopsy site. These are rare. Serious complications are uncommon.

Is this procedure used for all breast abnormalities?

Vacuum-assisted biopsy is usually recommended for suspicious breast lesions identified on mammography which are not well appreciated on ultrasound. This includes micro calcifications, small masses and areas of architectural distortion.

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