We offer Sonography (Non Obstetric)/ Mammography observerships for periods between 1-6 months.

  • There will be a minimum payment for Sonography (Non Obstetric)/  Mammography – Rs. 15000/- per month - An initial deposit needs to paid as advance for confirmation.
  • At the time of confirming the observership, there will be a deposit of one month to be paid as an advance by DD / NEFT favoring “Dr. Jankharia’s Imaging Centre” payable at Mumbai, Maharashtra
  • This deposit will eventually be adjusted against the first month’s payment. In case an observer can’t attend the observership, this deposit will be forfeit
  • Proper decorum must be maintained.
  • No films, books, papers are to be taken out of the respective departments.
  • The patients are not to be inconvenienced at any cost.

Shadow Observership with Dr. Bhavin Jankharia

Shadowing Dr. Bhavin Jankharia during his Reporting and Interventional Sessions

What You Might Hope to Gain:

  1. Learning how to approach cases, predominantly cardiothoracic, some musculoskeletal and complex multi-system cases that come for opinions
  2. Understanding the decision making that goes behind biopsies and interventions
  3. Observing CT guided biopsies and interventions
  4. Learning practical day-to-day reporting, how to give only one or two diagnoses and how to avoid terms like “advise clinical correlation”
  5. Understanding the difference between heuristic and deliberate thinking in real-life situations
  6. Learning how to communicate with doctors and patients


The Basic Plan:

  1. Between 1 to 2 weeks
  2. Five days a week from 8 AM till end (11 AM to 1 PM)
  3. No payment to you, no charges from you
  4. You have to make your own arrangements for stay and travel
  5. Certificate of attendance at the end of the course
  6. Attendance during the entire half-day session in the first half of the day from start to end with Dr. Bhavin Jankharia mandatory
  7. Not more than 2 observers at any given time
  8. All teaching and learning will only be case-based. No didactic lectures or teaching
  9. No age bar

Please download it, fill it up and and send it as an attachment to

Testimonial of our Fellow

Dr. Virupaksha Joshi


Every Radiologist worth his salt and many clinicians in the country know who Dr. Bhavin Jankharia is. They know him as an accomplished Radiologist, excellent academician, a passionate teacher of Radiology and a successful entrepreneur. However, to merely ‘know’ him is one thing and to ‘observe’ him at work by following him like a shadow is an altogether a different experience. That is precisely what I discovered during my five days of ‘shadow observership’ at Jankharia Imaging Centre in Mumbai in the last week of March-2022. Dr. Bhavin and his team at “Picture This’ (a unique name to an imaging centre) is an epitome of efficiency. Not a single wasted word or a wasted effort. Everything works with a clock-like precision.

The entire process of applying for an observership, getting an approval and finally completing the agreed tenure of observership was one smooth and pleasant ride’ right from the time I visited the webpage  of ‘Picture This’. The expertly designed and user-friendly webpage offers an application form and suggests the applicant what to expect. How to differentiate between ‘heuristic thinking and deliberate thinking’ is a one of its kind titbits this centre offers to the observing radiologist.

If any Radiologist in this country or abroad intends to hone his skills in CT guided interventional procedures such as biopsies or RF ablations, Dr. Bhavin is undoubtedly the “go to’ person. The gentle manner in which Dr. Bhavin counsels the anxious patients and nervous relatives prior to a biopsy is a treat to watch and worth emulating. After listening to the gentle and lucid counselling by Dr. Bhavin, almost every patient climbs up on to the CT table with a smile on his face. Almost all the time, what could have been a potentially a nerve-wrecking experience for even the boldest of the patients, turns out to be a smooth, pleasant glide – not dissimilar to riding a brand new SUV on a freshly laid out six-lane highway. I was wonder-struck when Dr. Bhavin completed biopsy of an osteolytic lesion in the body of 3rd cervical vertebra in a 12-year-old boy in just five minutes. The ease and confidence Dr. Bhavin displayed while guiding the biopsy needle to the intended target – deftly avoiding the jugular vein carotid artery and other vital structures was reminiscent of a star soccer player running through half the soccer field and dodging the fierce defenders before launching the football to the goalpost.

Therefore, I have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending to the radiologists, young and old, to set aside at least five days for an observership at Jankharia Imaging Centre. I am glad I did.  

Dr. Mohammed Faiz

It was a great opportunity for me to learn and to get inspired by a dynamic and super confident personality. Dr Bhavin sir is an expert in CT interventions, very fast in reporting cases and empathic and experienced in counseling patients. The referring physicians respect and trust him for his imaging excellence and clinical insight. Attending the shadow observership with him not only helped me to learn radiology but indeed to be a complete doctor.   It has boosted my confidence and now I'm able to clear larger volumes of cases with more confidence than before and taking care of my patients and discussing cases with my colleagues in a better and more confident way. Sir is very kind and accommodative and doesn't get irritated no matter how many doubts we ask and clarifies them all to our satisfaction. I am very grateful for giving me the opportunity to attend the observership and thanks to all the staff who are very pleasant and cooperative and special thanks to Ms Madhura for her prompt response and support always.

Dr. Shivkanta Patil

When I came across the announcement for shadow observer under Dr. Jankharia I truly felt a golden opportunity to learn directly from the legend himself. He and his team are the one most professional and well-organized team I have ever seen. I was amazed with sir's incredible reporting skills, the ease with which he does biopsies and other procedures, so much to learn from him. He is an amazing teacher who teaches you very precisely what you need to know. No nonsense at all. I did the observership just for 10 days but so able to learn some lifetime lessons.
Sir are doing a very selfless and noble cause to teach future generation without any expectations from them. I would like to thank you for that from the bottom of my heart. I wish you a healthy and long life. I would also like to thank Dr Parang sir & fellows at Jankharia and the team Jankharia for their support & making me comfortable during the tenure.
I sincerely thank you for providing me with an opportunity.

Dr. Nidhi Aggarwal

I did a two-week observership with the best cardiothoracic radiologist in the country. Every day begins here with CT guided biopsies in which we learn from the very basic pre procedural counselling to post procedural observing the patient. How to build an approach for the safest route while watching for the avoidable complications and building a mental map of what/ how u are going to do in a swift manner is what every radiologist should learn from sir. It gave me an insight into various imaging appearances of ILD, how to approach, reporting pattern, and a take on management aspect as well. Typical book and atypical case report type cases come here and sir tries to give an objective approach to each and every case rather than a subjective spot. Active discussion with sir helped me clear many of my doubts. It inspired me to read more on the topic.
Apart from radiology, you also learn practical aspects of communication with patients as well as clinicians.
If given a chance in future, I would again like to take this observership. As HENRY FORD has said, "Anyone who stops learning is old, whether at twenty or eighty. Anyone who keeps learning stays young. "So, stay young, keep learning. Sir is an ocean of knowledge where every radiologist should dive for knowledge.Thank you.

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